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New Balance (LT001)

"A sizzler, a waffle iron in a plastic wrapper, turned up all the way, glowing devil-red!"
~Sam Bartlett

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The price per CD is $15 (US funds) plus $3 shipping per order (up to 10 CDs) for North American orders. Please send a personal check or money order to the address below. Please don't forget to include your own shipping address! Please allow two weeks for delivery. If you're ordering from overseas, please contact us first for shipping costs.

Lift Ticket
c/o Rex Blazer
301 NE 8th Ave
Delray Beach FL 33483-5524 USA


1. Vladi on the Trans-Siberian Dave Bartley. St. Denis fever Brian Perkins

2. Bad hair Rodney Miller, Blue jig Joel Mabus/Fingerboard Music/BMI

3. Ralph’s watch Judy Hyman/Left Ear Music/BMI

4. Flying home to Shelley Paul Gitlitz, The heat Seth Houston/BMI, Rocky road to Greenfield Michael Kerry

5. Dubois highways Seth Houston/BMI, Eamon Dick’s Birthday Colleen Dick, October jig Debbie Scott

6. Exile of Erin Tony Sullivan, Riff efter tam Lin traditional

7. Anna’s waltz Seth Houston/BMI

8. Apple tree traditional, Gatekeeper Viveka Fox

9. Rex Blazer’s lament for his broken shoulder Rex Blazer, White oak traditional, Last straw Rex Blazer

10. Goofy does the schottische Bob Mills/Wigglybridge Music/BMI

11. Gravois Creek Pump Geoff Seitz/Oceana Productions, Granny on the treadmill Jim Wimmer

12. Drunk in Shiloh Debra Hunemuller, Old woman of Galway traditional, Devil’s churn Joe Grote Scotch Hornpipe traditional

13. Grand Étang Howie MacDonald, Evil reel Tom Troszak, Bobcat shuffle Bob Pasquarello

14. Le torment Jean-Paul Loyer, The walk home Daniel Compton/Glen Cottage Music

15. Idaho Seth Houston/BMI