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Welcome to the Lift Ticket Jukebox!

Sam Bartlett calls our first album, New Balance, "A sizzler, a waffle iron in a plastic wrapper, turned up all the way, glowing devil-red!"

We'll give you complete track information, or let you know how to buy a copy if you like, but for now, sit back, relax and enjoy a few moments of our music!


Vladi on the Trans-Siberian (208K MP3)

Bad hair (156K MP3)

Ralph's watch (140K MP3)

The heat (216K MP3)

Exile of Erin (244K MP3)

Anna's Waltz (232K MP3)

Okay, I've heard enough and now I want to buy the
album so I can listen to it whenever I like,
read the liner notes over and over again,
look at the pictures and have it be mine, mine, mine!