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CONTRA-FUSION :  New dance music for those who like to go for it!

Now in its 6th year, LIFT TICKET has firmly established itself as a dance camp favorite at festivals from coast to coast. LIFT TICKET fuses an extraordinary repertoire of fiddle tunes, rendered with flair and flame, with grooves ranging from smokin' to sublime. It all comes together in an unforgettable dance experience.

LIFT TICKET is Rex Blazer on fiddle, T.J. Johnson on mandolin, Seth Houston on piano and guitar and Russell S. on percussion. LIFT TICKET's first album, New Balance, was released in 2004.

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New Balance: our first album

"A sizzler, a waffle iron in a plastic wrapper, turned up all the way, glowing devil-red!" Sam Bartlett

New Balance, the band's first album, features fifteen tunes with many exciting original compositions (including a waltz that made the web designer cry). The recording was produced by Vermont's own Pete Sutherland. You can learn more about it, hear some audio samples, and even buy a copy, if you feel so inclined!



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